Local Student Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Responsibilities - ALACC Health College, Australia

  • Subject to the Student fulfilling their responsibilities, ALACC will train and assess all units in the chosen qualification.
  • ALACC agrees to provide appropriately qualified staff to deliver the training and conduct the assessments.
  • ALACC will provide the Student, where required, with learning materials for each competency.
  • ALACC will communicate with you, and if you consent, with your employer regarding your training progress as required.
  • ALACC will assist in organising Practical Placements.
  • ALACC will provide certificates and statements of attainment to Students completing each certificate level.

Responsibilities - Student

  • The Student has read and, after any agreed changes, agrees to the information provided in the relevant Training Plan and to attend all training sessions.
  • The Student agrees, subject to any extension being granted, to submit work for assessment by the due dates.
  • The Student agrees to behave professionally and to comply with the relevant work placement organisations policies and procedures whilst on Placement.
  • The Student agrees to comply with ALACCS Policies & Procedures and any amendments made to them.
  • ALACC understands that students may not be able to pay up-front fees therefore, upon approval from the CEO/DOS, the college offers flexible payment options.
    However, the student agrees to pay the complete course fee within 4 weeks from the date of enrolment.
  • In case of non-payment of outstanding fees as set out in 2.5; the student understands that the matter will be forwarded to debt collection agency without any prior notification or correspondence.
  • Please be advised if for any reason you cannot complete the course in the time allocated you may apply for an extension. A formal letter of application must be provided and approved by the CEO/Director of studies. In some cases (eg: Certificate III courses) your place will no longer be held after 6 months and you will still be required to pay any outstanding fees.

Privacy Statement

ALACC Health College, Australia is required to provide the Victorian Government with student and training activity data which may include information I provide in my enrolment form.
Information is required to be provided in accordance with the Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines:


The Education Department may use the information provided to it for planning, administration, policy development, program evaluation, resource allocation, reporting and/or research activities. For these and other lawful purposes the Department may also disclose information to its consultants, advisers, other government agencies, professional bodies and/or other organisations.
For more information in relation to how student information may be used or disclosed please contact Mrs. Janet Lawrence CEO / Director of Studies on 0394804445.

Default of Payments - Course Fee

In the event of non-payment of fees within 4 weeks of enrolment, the student will agree that any costs or charges associated with the collection of outstanding monies are payable by the student and will be added to the principal debt amount. For example, debt collection fees, commission, legal costs, and interest.

All overdue accounts will incur a $20 per month bookkeeping fee. ALACC reserves the right to report a student’s delinquent account to a credit reporting agency should payment remain outstanding for more than 30 days. In addition ALACC may refer the outstanding account for debt collection or issue legal proceedings to recover any outstanding invoices. Should an account be referred for debt collection, the collection costs payable by ALACC will be added to the principal debt amount. The total amount payable by students that have outstanding accounts that are referred to debt collection will be defined as the “Aggregate Sum”. The Aggregate Sum is calculated as such:

Aggregate Sum = Outstanding Balance/ (1-Commission Rate).

The Aggregate Sum will be applicable and owing on the day that ALACC refers a student's outstanding account to a debt collection agency.

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