International Student Guide (Transport)


Melbourne’s new stored-value Myki (Pronounced my-key) ticketing system is now in full operation on trains and some trams and buses. For the first six months of Myki’s operation, Metcard tickets can be used to ride on any of Melbourne’s metropolitan trains, trams or buses.

Metcards can be purchased at train stations, at retail outlets such as newsagents and convenience stores displaying the blue Metcard sign. A valid Metcard allows you to travel on all Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses.
The transport network is divided into two zones, representing inner(zone 1) and outer (zone 2) Melbourne. Tickets can be bought for two hours, a full day, a week, a month or a year. You may make as many trips as you like within the zone and time period you’ve paid for – for instance, a zone-1 two-hour ticket, or a zones 1 & 2 weekly ticket.

Buying tickets in packs of five can save you money. This option is available at train stations, and selected newsagents and convenience stores. You can buy a ticket on board a tram, but these machines take coins only. There are no ticket machines on board buses or trains.

Wherever you travel, make sure you validate your ticket every time you use a new facility, ex: the machines on the train platform or on board your bus or tram. Failure to do so may attract heavy fines, if caught. Most services end around midnight.

Read more about Myki here.

Timetable Information

Night Rider is a bus service that provides safe, easy and inexpensive way to travel after midnight on weekends. All you need is a valid Metcard. Buses run every 30 minutes 1.30am - 4.30am on Saturday mornings and 1.30am to 5.30am on Sunday mornings.


Metered taxi cabs operate within Victorian major cities and towns. You will find taxi ranks at transport terminals, main hotels or shopping centres or you can hail taxis in the street. A light and sign on the roof indicates if a cab is vacant. There is a minimum charge on hiring and then a charge per kilometre travelled. Taxi drivers do not have to be tipped.

Between 10pm and 5am, taxis require prepayment for journeys. Drivers are entitled to charge extra fees or surcharges for flag fall, toll roads, airport pick-ups, late nights and so on.

If you are not satisfied with your service, note your driver’s identification number, displayed on the dashboard, and the taxi registration number (licence plate) and report to the taxi company.

Mentioned below are contact numbers of some of the taxi companies in Melbourne. Please note that this is provided for your information only and ALACC does not endorse any of their services.

Northern Suburban Taxis: 131 119

Yellow Cabs: 132 227

Silver Top: 131008

West Suburban: 9689 1144

Alcohol and Drugs

You can expect to be stopped at any time for a random roadside test by Victoria Police. If your blood alcohol level is more than .05 or you have any illicit drugs in your system, you can expect heavy fines,suspension of your licence, and even risk jail.


The government and the police enforce strict speed limits to protect Victorians from road crashes through the use of Police patrol cars,speed cameras and radar.

You can find more information here.

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