HLTFSE001 – Follow Basic Food Safety Practices – for Domestic Students

Domestic Students

HLTFSE001 - Follow Basic Food Safety Practices


This short course comprising of one unit of competency focuses on the skills and knowledge required to comply with personal hygiene, maintain food safety, contribute to cleanliness of food handling areas and dispose of food.

Online training is available for this course.
Duration and Delivery

The course duration is 30 hours including classroom sessions *, practical placement, assessment and self-directed study and assessment assistance. Students undertake a “1 Day” classroom session and a practical placement of 10 hours.

*With the current pandemic situation, classroom sessions will be delivered online to enhance safety of students and trainers.

Please note: The course duration may vary for individual students based on their current academic and work experience. All students will be assessed on an individual basis for their ability to meet the course requirements within an extended or reduced time frame.


Classroom based training and supervised practical experience in a food services setting.

Learning Mode

The course is delivered in a blended format and includes face to face (classroom)/ online (live webinars), self-paced (learning materials on Moodle) and face to face (practical placement/workplace).

Volume of learning includes:

Theory: 4 hours
Practical placement: 10 hours
Assessment and self-directed study: 10 hours
Assessment Assistance: 6 hours


Level 1/169 Plenty Road, Preston, VIC 3072 and Practical Placement location as negotiated.

Career Pathway

Successful completion of this qualification will enable you to progress to higher qualifications or to gain employment in a food services setting in health and community sector.

Qualification Description

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to comply with personal hygiene, maintain food safety, contribute to cleanliness of food handling areas and dispose of food.

This unit applies to food services workers who work under supervision and within defined guidelines.

The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and industry codes of practice.

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Topics Covered
  • Food safety program and procedures and consequences of not following these procedures
  • Current national, state or territory food safety laws, standards and codes,
  • Food hazards and major causes of food contamination and food-borne illnesses
  • Sources and effects of microbiological contamination of food
  • Personal hygiene requirements and standards
  • Workplace hygiene hazards when handling food and food contact surfaces
  • Cleanliness of food handling areas according to the food safety program
Who May Attend

This course is beneficial for any person who may:

  • Be actively seeking employment in food services in Health and Community sector.
  • Have no formal qualifications in food services
  • Wish to review/update knowledge and practical experience
  • Be seeking a new career

There are no pre-requisites for undertaking this short course.

ALACC entry requirements require that applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years’ old
  • Have satisfactorily completed Year 11 or equivalent

Please note: Proficiency in English is required to meet Industry standards.

Students will be undertaking Pre-Training Review and LLN test prior to enrolment. The LLN test is not an entry requirement, students are asked to undertake the same so appropriate academic support can be ensured throughout the course of study.


Students may be able to shorten the length of their studies through the recognition of past experience and/ or qualifications gained elsewhere. Applications can be made for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer.

These will be assessed according to the ALACC’s policy & procedures to determine if/how much advanced standing will be granted.

This qualification holds National Recognition. Student will get a statement of attainment when they complete the unit of competency.


Assessments will be conducted to determine the achievement of competency-based learning outcomes. Assessments may include student questions, case study/ scenarios, practical skills observation and assessment (simulated environment/ practical placement).

Work Placements

Students will be required to undertake work placements to apply knowledge and develop their skills as part of the course requirements. Placements may occur in a food services setting in health or community sector organised by ALACC and according to the course requirements.

While ALACC takes responsibility to provide work placements, students have the choice to find a work placement close to their place of residence. All placement arrangements have to be approved prior to commencing placement. ALACC will negotiate and have an Agreement with the Placement Provider before the student attends work placement.

Please note: The cost for the practical placement is included in the fee. However, if a student does not attend the allocated placement then the student will have to pay for the costs set by the practical placement providers for cancelling their placements.

Placements dates will be provided by the placement provider and can be subject to change depending on the appropriate Placement Provider’s ability to take students at a specific given period. Students may need to be flexible with these dates and ensure they can attend the placements as soon as it is available.

Students will be required to attend post-placement sessions for assessment.

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Government Funding Subsidised Fee (Non-Concession)
AUD 1,300.00 AUD 200.00

HLTFSE001 - Follow Basic Food Safety Practices

CHCSS00114 - Entry into Care Roles Skill Set

CHCSS00088 - Induction Skill Set

Fees: 3 courses for only 1 fee = $200

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