HLT37215 – Certificate III in Pathology Collection – for Domestic Students

Domestic Students

HLT37215 - Certificate III in Pathology Collection


This qualification covers workers who undertake the collection of blood and other pathology specimens under supervision. It should be noted that this qualification does not cover collection of a range of specimens for specialised testing, collection of arterial blood gases or team leadership and training. This qualification is suited to Australian Apprenticeship pathways.

Online training is available for this course.
Duration and Delivery

This qualification is delivered over a period of 645 hours. Students enrolled in this course will have up to 33 weeks to complete the course requirements.


To ensure the effectiveness of the training outcome, this Certificate III in Pathology Collection Course will be delivered using a mixture of classroom presentation and student participation methods. This will include class room lecture using Audio visual aids and PowerPoint presentations to further build student knowledge and skills. Students will have the opportunity to participate in class room discussions, role plays, scenarios and to work in a simulated skills lab environment to perfect their skills and knowledge prior to gaining clinical practical placements experience.


189 Plenty Road, Preston, VIC 3072. Practical placement locations as negotiated by ALACC with individual Providers.

Career Pathway

Successful completion of this qualification will enable the students to progress towards gaining employment in the health sec

  • Specimen Collection Officer
  • Pathology Collector
  • Pathology Assistant
  • Specimen Reception Assistant
Qualification Description

This qualification reflects the role of pathology collectors where known routines and procedures are followed. Responsibility is taken for their own work under general supervision. The work combines communication, customer service and technical skills, using judgment and discretion to adapt and transfer their skills to different situations.

A minimum of 35 hours of Placement work is required of students prior to gaining qualification.

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Who May Attend

This qualification is beneficial for any person who may

  • Be actively seeking employment in the health sector as a pathology specimen collector.
  • Have no formal qualifications.
  • Wish to review or upgrade knowledge and practical experience to work in the health industry sector.
  • Be seeking a new career pathway.

Students may be able to increase the length of their studies if they wish to. Recognition of past experience and/ or qualifications gained elsewhere is also acknowledged.  Applications can be made for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer.  These will be assessed according to the college’s policy & procedures to determine if/how much advanced standing will be granted. This qualification holds National Recognition.


The minimum age for eligible applicants is 18 years. Applicants must have successfully completed the equivalent of Year 11 according to the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Proficiency in English is required to meet Industry standards.

Although LLN test is not an entry requirement, students may be asked to undertake the same so that appropriate academic support can be ensured throughout the course of study.

Work placements

Students will be required to undertake 35 hours of work placements to apply knowledge and develop their skills as part of the course requirements. Placements may occur in aged care, disability, or other aged care and community settings in Melbourne or Regional areas as organised by ALACC and according to the course requirements.

While ALACC takes responsibility to provides work placements for students. However, to allow for flexibility, if a student finds a work placement close to their place of residence, then ALACC will negotiate and have an Agreement with the Placement Provider before the student attends work placement.

Placements dates are on the timetable but can be subject to change depending on the appropriate Placement Provider’s ability to take students at a specific given period. Students need to be flexible with these dates and to ensure they can attend the placements as soon as it is available. ALACC is committed and ensuring all students have Placements for the respective course.

Pre-and post- placement skills are assessed at ALACC for the student to be deemed competent.

Course Units

Please ask us about credit transfers.

Core Units

Communicate and work in health or community services
Work with diverse people
Apply basic principles and practices of infection prevention and control
Identify and respond to clinical risks in pathology collection
Perform venous blood collections
Collect pathology specimens other than blood
Participate in workplace health and safety
Deliver a service to customers
Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately

Elective Units

Recognise healthy body systems
Perform electrocardiography (ECG)
Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing
Receive, prepare and dispatch pathology specimens
Perform capillary blood collections

If you require any further information our Course Manager will be happy to assist.

Please note that while ALACC tries its best to meet individual training needs and provide a flexible study schedule for students. But classes are subjected to change depending on availability.

At ALACC we try to keep our course fees low and affordable for our students. For HLT37215 Certificate III in Pathology Collection course, some work placement facilities do charge a fee of $50-$60/day, which is not included in your fees, and must be paid by the student.

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Full Fee
AUD 3,000.00
Fees: AUD 2,400.00
Registration Fee: AUD 300.00
Materials: AUD 300.00

Additional Costs

Uniform: AUD 40.00

*Indicative Fees Only - Subject To Change

Government Funding Subsidised Fee (Non-Concession)
AUD 250.00
Fees: AUD 50.00
Registration Fee: AUD 100.00
Materials: AUD 100.00

Additional Costs

Uniform: AUD 40.00

*Indicative Fees Only - Subject To Change

Government Funding Subsidised Fee (Concession)
AUD 110.00
Fees: AUD 10.00
Registration Fee: AUD 50.00
Materials: AUD 50.00

Additional Costs

Uniform: AUD 40.00

*Indicative Fees Only - Subject To Change

Government Funding Eligibility

To assess your eligibility for government funding please speak to one of our friendly staff or use below link:

Check your eligibility

*Eligible students must: –

  • Present a Green Medicare card
  • Be a Permanent resident in Australia
  • Not have a qualification higher or equal to qualification being applied

For further information please contact our friendly staff

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